Does hyperpigmentation?go away?

It may take a long time for hyperpigmentation to fade away, depending on the underlying cause. Darkened skin won’t go away entirely in some people. If the darkened skin is due to a wound, the discolouration will fade as the skin heals since the healthy tissue reabsorbs melanin. However, because darker skin contains more melanin, darkened skin is generally more severe and long-lasting in persons with darker skin tones, making it all the more vital to take preventative steps like applying sun cream.

How long does hyperpigmentation last?

Its duration varies from person to person. Without any treatment, the discolouration caused by post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) can take three months to two years to diminish, depending on how dark the areas are, to begin with.

Whether skin darkening is caused by damage to the epidermis or the dermis will determine how long it lasts and whether it may be cured. Treatments like laser therapy are commonly used to eliminate or significantly lessen dermal skin darkening. However, epidermal skin darkening may respond better to specialised skincare treatments.

How to make hyperpigmentation go away quicker

Darkened skin can be reduced or eliminated by a variety of methods. Keeping up regular skincare practice that includes steps to heal and renew the skin is one method. Many of the products we formulate at Epara Skincare, targeted towards women of colour, are made to reduce the appearance of darkened skin. Applying our moisturising serum and face cream to the affected region daily can help you recover from darkened skin much more quickly.


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